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About Us

As a dental CPA helping dentists in private practice for over 35 years, Art Wiederman has consistently leveraged his extensive experience to his clients’ advantage.  Dr. Phil Potter coaches dentists on leadership and growing their business. Dr. Bogdan Madurowicz, brings his transition, along with his collaboration with numerous dentists in their transitions, the personal touch and language necessary to relate and communicate to client dentists. ​All are totally committed to helping dentists sell their premium practices with integrity, transparency, and effectiveness.

Art Wiederman, CPA

Broker #01511095

Art knows money as well as anyone. He has specialized in helping dentists with tax and finance issues for over 30 years. Art has leveraged his extensive experience to his clients’ advantage for many years.

To better serve his dental clients, in 2005 Mr. Wiederman earned his license to broker dental practices, and he has partnered with Dr. Phil Potter to form Wiederman & Potter Premium Practice Sales, Inc.

Art has led his Wiederman & Chamberlain team since 1984. A firm that provides consulting, tax and accounting services to over 200 dentists. As of 2018 Art and his Wiederman & Chamberlain team merged with HMWC CPAs & Business Advisors, in the hopes of providing additional services to his dental clientele that W&C previously did not provide.

Phil Potter, DDS

Broker #01780656

Dr. Potter ran a successful private dental practice for over 30 years. In 2005 he sold his practice at an excellent profit and now, as a licensed broker, shares his experience and insight with his California peers.

Dr. Potter is also the exclusive west coast practice consultant for the popular “Lead to Succeed” program, which helps established dentists increase complex case acceptance and achieve practice goals. He has taught at USC, UCLA, and has lectured nation-wide.

Away from work, Phil is an avid world traveler, reader, mountaineer, and grandfather. He and his wife split their time between San Clemente and beautiful Lake Tahoe. While in San Clemente Phil and his wife spend most of their time with their three grand children, two girls and a little boy who arrived July of 2016.

Bogdan Madurowicz, DDS

Agent #02055720

“I retired early from practicing dentistry and gained the experience to help other dentists find their way through the challenging time of selling their practice.”

My Qualifications:

  • 33 Years of General Dental Practice
  • 30+ years of Property Management
  • Sales Agent for prominent Orange County dental practice brokerage
  • Access to dental CPA’s, lenders, dental management consultants, attorneys, and other reputable professionals

Brooke Palmer

Transition Coordinator

Brooke has worked for Art Wiederman since 2004 and continues to bring life, creativity and new technology to the office daily. With over 15 years experience in customer service, and organizational systems management. Ms. Palmer is your go-to-girl. Between Wiederman & Potter Premium Practice Sales, and Wiederman & Chamberlain, CPA she is busy monitoring and organizing the numerous details and logistics required through our transition process.

When Ms. Palmer is not providing clients with outstanding service she is extremely busy raising her son Peter, born April of 2015.