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It has been such a great pleasure to work with you on my practice sale. I understood, thru the process, that the practice valuation was appropriate. Your guidance was spot on. You understood the obstacles we would face, prepped me for them so I was able to meet them head on and not be blindsided. I know, this is not a simple endeavor for anyone involved, but your experience seemed to make the process flow well. I liked the fact that I had full control and choice of the purchasing Dr. I was happy that you also made sure the purchasing Doctor was fully protected during the transaction, which has led to a very amicable relationship between the two of us. Again, I know the transition advice you gave has worked out well for both parties. I had complete faith in your honest and ethical handling of my practice sale, and I felt rewarded for placing that faith in your organization.

Williams Parks, D.D.S.

Retired dentist